The Best marketing Automation and funnels Designed by the Pros - Built and hosted on our systems.

Tried and tested funnel designs designed by Marketing Gurus including Russell Brunson, Landon Ray, Ryan Levesque, Russ Ruffino and others – built and managed by our team on our platforms so you can be free to do what you do best.

We know funnels

You’re a business owner. Not a programmer. We get it. But you still want the best. So you follow the best – Gurus like Russell Brunson and Russ Ruffino have made millions online using the funnels and marketing systems they’ve spent millions perfecting.

We have their templates and use them – with their full permission – for our clients.

So our clients reap the full benefit of the wisdom of these marketing giants without having to touch a line of code – or pay a single platform fee – because everything is included when you hire us.

Webinar marketing


Getting webinars right is the difference between adding revenue, and missing out. Promotional timing, engagement tools and post-event webinar metrics all affect the success of a webinar event.

Technology matters to make your webinar great. If you’re using webinars regularly, it’s worth ensuring that you’re delivering high quality video and audio.

And having a stellar automated follow up systems is key – because high ticket sales require high touch, personalized follow up.

So if you are ready to free yourself up from the technical side of setting up your webinar funnel, you’re ready for us. Everything is included when you hire us!

Product marketing

The Product Launch Funnel lets an entrepreneur build anticipation before a customer is allowed to buy a product. Small marketing “previews” about the product are sent, usually at least a day apart, to build scarcity and urgency for the final day when the “cart opens” and customers may buy for a limited time.

A defining feature of the Product Launch Funnel is closing the cart after a few days. This concept was pioneered by Jeff Walker and helped thousands of entrepreneurs to launch new companies overnight.

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"Our Leads Doubled in Just 18 months."

– Kulaqua Retreat and Conference Center
(Non Profit Facility)

"My practice went from start up to established in under a year."

– Dana West RD

"Our launch would not have been so successful without CMS"

– Heal My Hair

Our clients Love us


At CMS, failure is not an option – we serve our clients well.

Our services include staying on top of the ranking, seo strategy, and social media strategy of their competition, providing invaluable insights into how to improve market positioning and market share.

We diligently monitor our client’s traffic data, traffic sources, and rankings, and we professionally manage their social media profiles so there is a unified presence giving their ideal customer the confidence to transact.

Social signals are key. And with only 8 to 12 seconds to impress your next potential client or customer with your offer, you need to make sure every thing is covered – from a professionally built and maintained website, social media presence, follow up emails, and more.

 And it’s all included with our services. Nothing is extra.

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Set it and forget it? No way. We diligently monitor and maintain what we build for our clients, keeping it up to date with all the SEO and internet changes so their presence performs year after year.



We aim to increase sales and leads without increasing the work load of our client’s staff. That’s why we use automation – so they can work efficiently, effectively, and most of all, profitably.


Selling something online? You don’t have to worry about all the back end “stuff” with us. Paypal, Amazon Pay, Shopify, Stripe – we set it all up and integrate it for best returns.


There are a lot of great platforms out there, but they don’t all “speak” to each other. With CMS, you don’t have to know what works together, because we already do. And we integrate it all for you, and keep it running smoothly.

Responsive Designs

Online traffic is increasingly mobile. If your platforms are not fast enough and responsive for mobile traffic, you lose visitors, and subsequently sales. We know what works, and optimize for mobile visitors.

Human Touch

Talking to someone about the online portion of your business when you don’t fully understand it yourself can be overwhelming and confusing. All of our account managers are USA based English speaking and well trained.

Our Process

1. Interview

Our preliminary interview and onboarding methods ensure that we will be able to serve you well before we start. We make sure that we will be a good fit before you spend a dime. Ready to start? The interview is free!

2. research

Our extensive research tools give us deep insights into the search terms, search volume, keywords and other technical insights about your potentials clients and customers and your competition – vital information necessary for us to see what it will take to get your business or product positioned correctly online. Don’t worry, all this research is conducted by us for you for FREE after our initial interview to ensure we can serve you the best way possible.

3. Business Plan

After we are confident we are a good fit for your business we build a customized proposal for you, including a detailed plan of action based around your goals and needs. We discuss this fully with you and explain indepth what we will be doing, how long it will take, and what the projected impact will be.

4. Launch

Once we are in a signed agreement, we begin building and implementing the plan on our systems for you, measuring impact, testing and split testing, tracking results and tweaking as needed until the system is perfected. Then we continue to maintain and refine it as needed over time.

Our Partners

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